Running light but with essentials? 

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Phone cords eyelet

Phone pocket

Side pockets

Front-Back zip pockets

Since launch of Enso Sport Skirts our ladies have

Focus on the run

not where to keep necessities safe


I had tried the skirt on before and was impressed at the feel of the material, the fit and the length especially the longer length at the back as it felt good to have some leg covering there. The shorts underneath fitted very well. The fit is really incredible. Nice and snug but without chaffing. I carry food and I put a Shot bloc tube in the front zipped pocket to start with. It fitted easily and didn’t drag the hem down. After I had eaten half of it I put it in the smaller pocket on the hip with an elasticated opening. It stayed in there while running and was very accessible.

Nicky Spinks, ultra runner, winner of double BG challenge from Yorkshire, UK

In short, I loved it. The skort, as I like to describe it, has tight shorts with a skirt over layer, a drawstring waist and a longer drop hem at the back. There are two zip pockets at the front and back, as well as a pocket on the left side of the short, and a hole for headphone use on the same side. The skirt also has drawstrings on both sides to make it as long or as short as you wish.

Amy, blog "The Scientist Runs", cancer research scientist, runner and fitness lover from London, UK

I have been a runner for 20 years and I am so excited to tell you about my favourite piece of running clothing! “Run far” enso skirt feels really secure, and yet it has great elasticity and movement so whether I am stretching, running or even running errands at the store after a daily run, I feel comfortable and confident. It also has a great functionality with pockets, but confidence issue is the key – as a woman I want to feel comfortable and want to feel good in the clothing that I am wearing. Enso skirt is more than anything I found before does exactly that.

Alina, ultra-runner from Seattle, WA, USA

Enso running skirt is functional, feminine and made from a high quality fabric - stretchy, but not cutting off circulation. I love all the pockets - the skirt is carefully designed to keep your cards, gels and keys secure, so I can focus on what I love - running!

Areta "MyZestBest" from London, UK

I just loved that I did not have to worry where to put my phone and run hands free around the lake this morning!  I am extremely happy with the design: shorts underneath are so-so-so comfortable and soft for skin, yet have a good compression!!! Skirt length is up to me and I can change it literally every day depending on how I feel! Simply great thoughts on skirt construction!!!

Ekaterina from Brussels, Belgium

Enso Running Skirt: Feeling Like a Lady! Compression shorts underneath the skirt – so no worries about chafing or accidentally flashing a passerby! It had a very flattering fit - I liked the design. It was longer at the back and more importantly had plenty of pockets including 2 with zips for secure items such as keys and 2 open pockets which could be used for gels or a small music player.

Sarah, blog "Dreaming of Footpaths", ultra runner from UK

It wasn't for me, but I've bought it for my girlfriend and she really enjoys it. Also I'd like to note the great technical side of this skirt: 7 pockets and a pocket where she can put her iPhone 7Plus - is a great idea! My girlfriend was looking for something like that for a long time. We will advice these great skirts to everyone! P.S. Mom and sister are going to order skirts too and I'm waiting for some male clothes for running! 😃

Rusty, a loving son, brother and partner from Brno, Czech

I love all the pockets! I would definitely order more once you are up and running because the pockets are really great and I love the scrunchy rouching  at the side of the adjustable length skirt.

Brandee, sports medicine physician from San Francisco, CA, USA

So grateful I tried it! I never thought I would be the type to run in skirts, but I really liked it. I love the garment - in particular all the pockets!!! The fit is great too obviously, and I like the length.  

Enso skirts proving once again that grace and grit can go hand in hand. I completed a 100km race in Nepal - I'm loving running like a girl, as I choose to define it!

Sarah, trail-runner, from Hong Kong