Running light, but don't know where to store your essentials? 

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not where to keep necessities safe


I have been a runner for 20 years and I am so excited to tell you about my favourite piece of running clothing! “Run far” enso skirt feels really secure, and yet it has great elasticity and movement so whether I am stretching, running or even running errands at the store after a daily run, I feel comfortable and confident. It also has a great functionality with pockets, but confidence issue is the key – as a woman I want to feel comfortable and want to feel good in the clothing that I am wearing. Enso skirt is more than anything I found before does exactly that.

Alina, ultra-runner from Seattle, WA, USA

Enso running skirt is functional, feminine and made from a high quality fabric - stretchy, but not cutting off circulation. I love all the pockets - the skirt is carefully designed to keep your cards, gels and keys secure, so I can focus on what I love - running!

Areta "MyZestBest" from London, UK

I just loved that I did not have to worry where to put my phone and run hands free around the lake this morning!  I am extremely happy with the design: shorts underneath are so-so-so comfortable and soft for skin, yet have a good compression!!! Skirt length is up to me and I can change it literally every day depending on how I feel! Simply great thoughts on skirt construction!!!

Ekaterina from Brussels, Belgium

I love all the pockets! I would definitely order more once you are up and running because the pockets are really great and I love the scrunchy rouching  at the side of the adjustable length skirt.

Brandee, sports medicine physician from San Francisco, CA, USA

So grateful I tried it! I never thought I would be the type to run in skirts, but I really liked it. I love the garment - in particular all the pockets!!! The fit is great too obviously, and I like the length.  

Sarah, trail-runner, from Hong Kong

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