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Konnichiwa, ladies!

My name is Karina and I am the lady behind Enso Sport Skirts. 

I would like to share with you my personal story of running and what motivated me on creation of Enso skirts designs for YOU.

A few years ago I started my running adventures. I lived in the north of Italy in a beautiful area of lake Como surrounded by chains of mountains.

Como Enso London Running Skirt

Natural curiosity pushed me outside and I found myself on the trails discovery. Surprisingly, my trails experience was not always a success because of the sportswear I had. I was absolutely new and had neither a sports watch nor a running backpack or vest. So, I was always running with my phone in one hand as well as the keys and cash in another - I am now still puzzled how I managed to do that along with the mileage.

All the existing products in the shops were often dull and boring, so I decided to take a chance and construct my own garment that will meet my needs and be stylish, elegant and feminine. Something that would be of interest of many women alike who struggle finding the right kind of clothing - flattery, but not too much, comfortable and practical, and would let you have a care-free (and hands-free!) run, that would empower you and let you expand your limits.

And the design of a running skirt was born.

Enso London Running skirt work in progress

My big phone is now secure in a shorts pockets, money and home keys are stored in the zip pockets, I also can now take even more items for a run: tissues, lip balm, some food (sport gels and trail mix) and other petite essentials that might be needed on trails.

Flattering look and empowerment given by garment made me believe in my strength, I became more confident and could focus on my performance completely.

Enso London Running Skirt

Probably, this could relate to you too. If you are in search of the functional and feminine running product - take a chance and try our Enso Running skirt!


Happy running!

Truly yours,



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