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Winter lattes to warm hands and soul

The streets of London have already seen snow (and it's not Christmas yet!), it has become colder and windier. Idea of having a warm cup of tea while your commute makes you happy and smily. And indeed many coffee shops of London offer nice chai lattes to go.  Bitter icy winds made me buy these chai lattes way too many times and I thought why not trying to make one at home??? Result: I did 3 different chais (literally, tea!) and can't wait to share them with you.   1. Chai Latte or Massala Chai latte. Ingredients: 2 tbsp loose-leaf black Ceylon tea 2 cloves 2-3 seeds of green cardamom  Cinnamon stick 3-4 seeds of black peppercorn Fresh ginger (peeled) 2 tbsp of maple syrup 2 cups...

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