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Want to start getting fitter and run outside?

Try and get in the zone and practice mindfulness when running outside. Thats why I prefer outdoors as you can look around and marvel at the scenery. Don’t worry about your pace just switch off and zone in to your surroundings...

Enjoy the feeling of just being free and running. Let your mind wonder.

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Try and control your breathing, tune into your body and how it is feeling... if you feel good if something doesn’t feel right... warm up steadily.

Remember there is always more in you when that little voice says: "I can’t....", "It hurts...", "Lets stop...". Those thoughts are not you... you are the mountain... they are clouds... acknowledge them... and let them pass..
Unless of course you are in raging pain and physically really can’t go on anymore.

During the festive season if it's cold make sure you have the right clothing...

layers are really good, if you are too hot you can cool down. What I sometimes do is put a warm jacket on so I’m not going out feeling really cold to start... in the warm jacket pocket I have a carrier bag.. when I get warm I take off the layers put them in the carrier bag and hide the carrier bag behind a tree or hedge... just remember where you put it for when you collect later. 
It's good because you don’t dread going out from warm to freezing... you are warm to warm and then get warmer. This is also great for your muscles as like play doh... if they are cold they won’t respond or move as much... the warmer it is the more you can move freely and less likely to injure yourself.

Another option is to have a good warm up inside before you go out..

Also you can do some really great strength and conditioning exercises inside and these are important to prevent injury.

Wear something that makes you feel good... I love the Enso running skirt as it makes me feel feminine and empowered. I can run strong like a girl and be in a skirt that is flattering and covers my bum! If you feel good you don’t have the added worry of what do I look like. Wear the skirt inside for your strength work if you’re lucky enough for winter sun pack it with you or if you want to wear it out in winter put it on with some long socks... of you may just find with a race and going fast you’re warm enough anyway.

The important thing is if you feel good you will run well.

Wearing the right trainers is also important and warm gloves. Invest in a good pair of trainers for your feet and get your gait analysed at a great running shop such as up and running where you can get specialist trainers and advice.

When you think you are too busy and have no time.... make the time! Everyone is busy.. even if its half an hour. Even if you have kids take them to the park run round the park... let them join in. If you have family over let them join in too or explain you need to run as its important for your health. Don’t feel guilty for doing something for you!

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Contact me for further information on these sorts of exercises. I will be happy to help you get fitter and run faster.

Happy running and Happy festive season!

Sophie Carter Personal Trainer


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