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Fitting ultra-running and coaching around family life

//Words by Michelle Maxwell//  My big passions in life are number 1 my kids, they are my world, and increasingly their sport is taking over mine and my husband’s sport. I am really OK with that because I’m not getting any younger and my bucket list is getting shorter. We have twin boys, who are very good triathletes, especially runners and a little girl who is just dipping her toe into multisport, but also loves ballet too. Next up, my husband. His passion is triathlon. He is also damn good at it for his age, and so you can imagine what our life involves! The next two passions in my life are as you’d expect from the title, my running...

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How to run 140 miles in a week without giving it a second thought

//Words by Natasha Fanshawe//  I’m a pretty lazy person and you might not believe me but it’s the reason I run ultra-marathons – I get all the hard work over in a few days and chill for the rest of the month, eating, drinking and generally filling up and, well, tapering for the next one. The first week in October though turned out to be a bit mad even for me. A bit of good planning along with a bout of forgetfulness saw me embarking on a week of walking and running 140 miles, a distance I hadn’t added up in total until it was too late and I was committed to every last step.   A few weeks prior,...

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Running My Way Through Parenting

//Words by Kim Loney//  I love to run. I love to run on pavements, beside motorways and through concrete city jungles. I love to run through green, tree lined parks, or up and over steep, rocky mountains and trails, and I love to run through deep, soft desert sand. I love to run in order to explore new destinations and I love to run routes I’ve covered hundreds of times before. I just love to run! That feeling of stepping out of the door, clearing my mind of anything and everything (or if needed, focusing entirely on something I wish to spend quality, quiet time thinking about) and simply concentrating on placing one foot in front of the other, sensing the momentum taking hold and carrying me...

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