Who we are

Enso Sport is a UK based company that engineers functional and feminine sports skirts of outstanding quality for active women in the UK and worldwide.

Karina, our founder, has started her running adventure in early 2014 when lived in the north of Italy. She often found that running clothing lacked some personality and especially functionality.

Every time our founder went for a run, she was puzzled how to take a number of small items on the run: home keys, mobile phone, money.. These are just top 3 must-haves, but we have only a pair of hands, right? :) 

Having spent a lot of time on trails between her university classes, Karina came up with idea to create a piece of clothing that would be functional and yet very pretty and feminine. And the project of “a running skirt” was born. 

Karina had met with a number of Italian manufacturers of technical sport fabrics and tested a number of skirts designs running at least 50k in one shot to ensure the quality of no chafing, no cut-ins and comfortable feeling.

Finally, she came up with a flattering, functional design of her first skirt, now available in our store

We are very happy to share with you our knowledge and competence for endurance clothing, please come join us for a run with Enso!

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