About Enso

Enso Sport is a UK based company that engineers functional and feminine sports skirts of outstanding quality for active women in the UK and worldwide.

Main goal of Enso Sport is to empower women through sports, making them confident and strong in every day lives.

The idea to create running skirts came once we started trail running in the Italian mountains. We were often unhappy with the sports clothing offered in the shops, as it was mostly not very comfortable for long runs and boring. Taking up the challenge, we designed our own pieces of comfortable, functional and most importantly feminine clothing. And the project of “a running skirt” was born.

We want to share Enso with you now!


Enso Product

The skirts are made of high-quality technical materials taking into account the nuances of woman’s body. We maximised functionality of the garment while keeping the feminine aspect of it.

Moisture-wicking, UVA protective, second-skin sensation fabrics are used in all our products.  

No more chaffing, cut-ins, or other signs of discomfort while you exercise wearing our clothing.

Run with confidence. Wear the Enso skirt.


Enso Philosophy

At Enso, we are confident that it is possible to pursue the active lifestyle through doing sports in a comfortable and elegant attire. This is exactly what we wanted to reflect in our brand - Enso - that comes from a “circle of life” Japanese symbol of the Zen-Buddhism philosophy.  

Reaching the enlightenment through constant movement is the philosophy behind our comfortable active wear. Women can have a piece of mind because now their sports clothing complements and empowers them.

Enso. Powered by confidence.