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Running skirts are the first product of Enso Sport.

Enso Sport skirts are made of high-quality technical fabrics according to the nuances of woman's body. We maximised functionality of the garment while keeping the feminine aspect of it. 

Each of our skirts has 7 pockets on it. There can't be too many of the pockets, especially if you are getting ready for the marathon or running an ultra race. 2 zipped pockets, 2 secret pockets on each sides, one phone pocket on the shorts - all are there to keep you going the distance with confidence.

Drawcords inside helps you adjust the waistline and be confident about your look.

We use different types of fabrics for the shorts and the skirts. Skirt fabric is lightweight, it's barely felt on your legs and it has UV treatment, while the shorts fabric is compressive to keep the blood circulating in the bottom of your tummy and hips. Both of fabrics are moisture-wicking and dry fast once are wet.

No more chaffing, cut-ins, or other signs of discomfort while you exercise wearing our clothing.

Run with confidence. Wear the Enso skirt.

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